Fulshear Simonton (TX) Fire Department takes delivery of High Water/Flood Rescue Trucks from Acela Truck Company

FULSHEAR, Texas — The Fulshear-Simonton Fire Department has taken delivery of the first of its two newly purchased purpose-built High Water/Flood Rescue Trucks from Acela Truck Company.

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The Ultimate Snow Plow

If you've been looking for the ultimate snow plow truck, look no've found it

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FIre Engineering - Acela Truck Company Expands its Line of High Water/Flood Rescue Trucks

Acela Truck Company recently announced that it has expanded its purpose-built High Water/Flood Rescue Truck line of response apparatus to include multiple new custom body configurations and larger 6x6 models of its Monterra high mobility chassis.

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Tri-State Livestock News - A New Market

Located in Belgrade, Montana, Acela Truck Company produces heavy duty quality trucks that provide accessibility to job sites that are virtually impossible to reach with other trucks currently on the market.

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Equipment Journal - Acela converts military trucks into off-road workhorses

Trucks originally enlisted by the United States Army are finding new purpose on civilian jobsites throughout North America via the Acela Truck Company.

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Equipment Today & Name 2018 Contractors’ Top 50 New Products Winners

Each year, the Contractors’ Top 50 New Products — hosted by Equipment Today and — showcases the new equipment and products that construction equipment owners and end users identify as the most intriguing

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Acela Truck Company introduces line of purpose-built flood rescue trucks

The frequency of river and coastal flooding events, the leading cause of disaster or weather-related deaths in the United States, is increasing dramatically. 2017’s Hurricane Harvey was Houston’s third “500 year” flooding event in only the last few years, yet flood waters continue to stop most first responders in their tracks due to lack of proper equipment to adequately provide assistance and safely protect responders.

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WUI Apparatus Becoming Staple in Fleets Where Urban Interface Meets Wildland Terrain

Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) apparatus typically are a mix of wildland and Type 1 engines, usually with a short overall length, good angles of approach and departure, and a chassis that can handle both highways and rough terrain.

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Work Truck Solutions Magazine - Heavy-Duty Worktruck Showcase

Some jobs are easily accessible. You travel down a newly paved road then park in a nicely kept parking lot. Some jobs require a little 4x4 action, taking you mostly over paved streets then call for a mile or two.

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Equipment Today - Equip Trucks to Tackle Challenging Terrain

Consider CTIS or all-wheel-drive axle technology for Class 7 and 8 trucks operated in extreme environments.

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Construction Equipment Magazine - Ex -Military Trucks Access Off-Road Sites

Acela Truck Co. buys retired tactical vehicles and “resets” them for civilian use; they are capable of conquering tough off-road terrain.

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Diesel Progress - From Tactical To Practical

From Tactical to Practical - Acela "resets" former military trucks to like-new condition for difficult market applications.

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Work Truck Magazine - Acela's New Extreme-Duty Truck Chassis

Trucks with a history in some of the harshest war zones are a perfect fit for extreme work environments, such as oil, mining, and construction.

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Ontario Trucking News - Acela Truck Builder Fills Niche For Severe Duty Trucks

Acela Truck Builder Fills Niche For Severe Duty Trucks - Calgary recently hosted the Global Petroleum Show at Stampede Park, attracting thousands of spectators, professionals, delegates, and exhibitors from 110 countries. Calgary is widely considered to be the Canadian hub of expertise in the energy sector, and companies here proudly displayed their latest advancements in technology and equipment.

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Work Truck Magazine Truck Roundup

Acela Truck Company, a new extreme-duty commercial truck chassis manufacturer, will showcase its line of 4x4 and 6x6 chassis, utility, crane, and service trucks for the utility and construction markets at the International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) in Louisville, Oct. 3-5, 2017.

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OEM Off-Highway Magazine - Over-Design and Over- Deliver

Around the world, in nearly every continent outside of North America, there are multiple variants of extreme-duty commercial trucks that were originally designed as military vehicles.

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Equipment World - This Acela Monterra is a 6×6 service truck with a battlefield resume

Though Montana-based Acela unveiled it's Monterra lineup of extreme-duty cabover work trucks back in June, it wasn’t until last week’s ICUEE show in Louisville that these reset military trucks had made an official U.S. debut.

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